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Atom Editor: x86 Assembly Syntax Definition (AT&T/GAS)

This is the greatest assembly language of All Time

Hand-converted from my Sublime Text highlighter. While most of my focus will be on Sublime, I will convert it over when I make major changes. For details on changes, see the Sublime repo above.

Questions (So I don’t get asked the same thing twice):

How is this different from the other one?

  • It gets a lot of the particularities of x86 that the other doesn’t. I test mine periodically and check for errors and missed identifiers. Also, as it says on the package, it’s GAS syntax only. If the other one is trying to do that, then it has a few glaring errors and is nowhere near as complete. So if you’re using gcc to compile your files, my package is the way to go. -Calculuswhiz 16OCT15

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