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Have you ever found yourself making the frustrating task of booking a sport venue for you and your friends? One phone call after another with no avail? Difficult to find available slots that suit you?

eCourts is a web application that simplifies and fully digitizes the process of booking a sport venue by bringing together all available courts on a single platform. So the next sporting activity is just a click away!

Book a court

With eCourts web application you can use a dynamic search bar that enables you to browse through all the available courts that fit your needs. Ajax technique is used to asynchronously retrieve the results every time a filter is altered.

Manage your courts

If you own sport venues you can utilize them with eCourts web application. Manage your courts and update their availability with the add slots interface. Keep track of what courts are booked with the calendar interface.


Feel free to reach out to us through linkedin if you found this useful or if you want to contribute to this project.


The application is licensed under the MIT License.

Some images where taken from google.

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