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Color Palette for Ganymede



A color scheme for Hyper/Hyperterm, Vim/NeoVim & Atom (maybe, eventually, probably…) inspired by the icy coldness of the moons of Jupiter contrasted against all the bright vibrant colors that my personality comprises.

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npm i -S ganymede

Vim Icon


This was designed using Neovim, but totally works in normal people Vim (like 7.4+). Add charlespeters/vim-ganymede to whatever plugin system you’re using (Pathogen, Vundle, etc). In your .vimrc add:

set t_Co=256
colorscheme ganymede

let g:airline_theme='ganymede'

Screenshot of Vim using Ganymede

Hyper Icon


Add 'hyperganymede' under plugins in your configuration file (preferably toward the end of the list). An example:

module.exports = {
  config: {
    fontFamily: 'SFMono-Medium',
    cursorShape: 'BEAM',
    bell: false,
  plugins: {

And in action:

Screenshot of Hyper using Ganymede

Atom Icon


There’s a syntax port of Ganymede for Atom. To install, run this command below or search for Ganymede.

apm install ganymede-atom-syntax

Screenshot of Atom using Ganymede

The screenshot above uses Atom Dark UI theme and SF Mono.

iTerm Icon


Download Ganymede.itermcolors and drag into onto iTerm in your Dock or In iTerm, open your preferences
navigate to “Profiles” > “Colors” > “Color Presets” > “Import” and select the copy of Ganymede.itermcolors you downloaded.


I probably wouldn’t have built this if Trevor Miller hadn’t paved the way with his Nova Project. Trevor you’re awesome, 🍻⚡️🎉.



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