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ICONex Desktop version (Chrome extension)

ICONex is a wallet where you can keep not only ICX but also other various crypto-currencies.

Development Setup

Install Modules

You can install modules with npm (Node.js v7.10 or later, LTS recommended):

# Install dependencies
npm install
Run development mode:

# build files to './build-test'
# build app continuously
npm run dev

ICX Network: Testnet (https://lisbon.net.solidwallet.io)
ETH Network: Ropsten ETH (ropsten.infura.io)

Load unpacked extensions with ./build-test folder.

Run redux-devtools for debug :
npm run remotedev

Then, open http://localhost:8000.


Run build:

# build files to './build'
npm run build

ICX Network: Mainnet (wallet.icon.foundation)
ETH Network: ETH (api.myetherapi.com/eth)

Go to GitHub File