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ItsyRealm, a tiny RPG game

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ItsyRealm is a small RPG built on a slightly modified version of LÖVE, an *awesome* framework to make games in Lua. The game is very much a work in progress.

In ItsyRealm, you’re on an awesome quest to discover the secrets of a necromancer god only known as the Empty King.

  • Along your way, you’ll have to think on your feet using staff, sword, and bow to fight mythical monsters and eldritch abominations!
  • Use 21 skills to gather and craft powerful equipment from dangerous dungeons, teeming forests, ancient ruins, the open sea, and more!
  • And help a bunch of like-minded adventurers achieve their own victories!

Should you fail, the four Old Ones will succeed to tear the very fabric of reality apart…

How to Play

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You can download the latest release from ItsyRealm website. The game will automatically be updated by the ItsyRealm launcher.

Build Instructions

To build ItsyRealm, you will need to:

  1. Build a custom version of LÖVE
  2. Build BMASHINA
  3. Build nbunny
  4. Build Discworld
  5. Move BMASHINA, nbunny, Discworld shared libraries to ext/

To run the game, execute love itsyscape.

Alternatively, on Windows, you can replace %APPDATA%/ItsyRealmLauncher/game/ with a zip archive of the itsyscape folder contents to get the latest build of the game. However, if an updated binary blob is needed, it will have to be built.

License & Copyright

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Copyright (c) Erin Maus

This project is licensed under the MPL. View LICENSE in the root directory or
visit for the terms.

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