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Multiplatform Kotlin Game Engine

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Info about the project:


KorGE and all the other korlibs in a single monorepo.

To use this version in other projects,
you have to publish it locally to mavenLocal,
and then use 999.0.0.999 as version:

./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

If you want to make changes and easily try things.
You can run the korge-sandbox module that runs
the src/commonMain/kotlin/Main.kt file;
you can make experiments there:

./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runJvm
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runJs
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runNativeDebug
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runNativeRelease
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runAndroidRelease
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runIosDeviceRelease

KorGE Samples

  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-samples
  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-samples-ext

KorGE Modules

Traditionally all the KorGE modules were published to central and their source code was available here,
now they are available via kproject in these repositories:


  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-compose


  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-box2d


  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-fleks


  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-swf

Skeletal Libraries

  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-dragonbones
  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-spine

Level Loading

  • https://github.com/korlibs/korge-ldtk

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