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NS illustration pack

Hello everyone, my name is Nikolai Sobolev, I am engaged in creating a low poly illustration in blender and decided to create an open-source illustration pack.

This pack includes about 20 illustrations (not counting the variations), some of these illustrations were made by me specifically for the pack and some are a bonus, some of my old works that I decided to put in open source. Initially, the pack was supposed to be bigger, but I decided to take a break in its creation, so I decided to put it in the form that I was not planning so far.

Examples of illustrations:

This pack is distributed under the MIT license, it can be used for personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions and requirements to indicate my authorship!

You can download the pack from the links:

PNG files only

Source Blend and PNG files

I hope he will be useful to someone!

You can find me at the links:

I will be glad if you write me your opinion about this pack!

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