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Repo Split

Split code browser for online code repositories



Often I find myself needing to read several files in a repository at once. And git clone $repo feels a bit too much just to have a quick look at the code.

This is the v.0.2 attempt at making code browsing more pleasant 🙂

Feedback very much appreciated!

Getting started

  1. Install Chrome extension from url
  2. Go to any Github repository
  3. Click on the RepoSplit icon


  • UI
  • Sync with repo
  • Syntax highlight via highlight.js
  • Max/Min/Close Icons
  • Make it Chrome addon
  • Sort repo by 1) type 2) name ABCD
  • Add empty page text
  • Browse non-Master branches
  • Chrome button as a toggle for RepoSplit view
  • Add Gitlab compat public server
  • Incremental tree retrieval for big repos(Gitlab)
  • Incremental tree retrieval for big repos/truncated(Github)
  • Offline storage
  • Add Gitlab compat private servers issue#6
  • Add Bitbucket compat
  • Make Firefox extension
  • Tests, hello?
  • Allow Color Themes
  • Live Markdown preview
  • NPanels > 4 ( Long one )
  • Search within repository/files issue#7
  • Choose the number of panels ( now it’s always 4 ) issue#8
  • Themes/font selector issue#8


MIT. See LICENSE for details.

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