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RSS Extender

Convert Atom or RSS with excerpts to RSS feed with full articles using a CSS selector.

You can use my instance at
or host your own.


CSS Selector


  1. Provide an ATOM or RSS feed containing only excerpts
  2. Open an article from the feed entry, and find a CSS selector which contains the article content.
    Example: .post-content (there is no selector)
  3. Fully extracted feed is available at
  4. Articles are cached locally until the feed entry last date changed.


Get the project and dependencies:

git clone
composer install

Expose the public folder behind a web server w/ PHP.

With Docker, you can use the provided Docker image.
Example with nginx-proxy as a reverse proxy:

docker run -d \
  -p 80 \
  -v ./data:/var/www/rssextender/data \
  -e VIRTUAL_HOST=<domain.tld> \
  -e VIRTUAL_PORT=80 \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  --name rss-extender \



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