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A minimalistic UI to conveniently upload and download files from AWS S3

S3Uploader’s UI is based on the beautiful Argon Dashboard Theme by CreativeTim.

This app is not endorsed by Amazon


  • Angular based desktop client for uploading/downloading file(s) from AWS S3
  • Track multiple upload/download progress through one consistent UI.
  • Tree-like folder browser so you can find the files you want faster
  • Support for .aws credential file and multiple accounts
  • Drag-and-drop upload with support for single file, multiple files and folder upload
  • Options to rename files during upload

Built On

This app is built with many amazing framework, including:


Getting Started

Head over to the Releases page and download the latest version to get started!


Download the latest setup.exe and follow the installation instruction.


You can download either the .zip or .dmg to use S3Uploader.

If you downloaded the .zip:

  1. Extract the content of the .zip file.
  2. You can put the extracted file in your /Applications folder for it to show up in Launchpad.

If you downloaded the .dmg:

  1. Open the .dmg file.
  2. After clicking “Agree”, drag the S3Uploader icon into the Applications folder icon on screen.
  3. S3Uploader should now be available in Launchpad.
  4. If there’s a separate S3Uploader icon appears on your Desktop, you can remove that by dragging it to the Trashcan.


You can build this app from source with the following configurations

  • Global tools needed, they can be installed via npm or yarn: @angular/cli electron-builder

Output files are located in dist-electron


MIT (c) 2018 Ming-Hung (Michael) Lu

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