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The Uni Board

The uni-body split ortholinear keyboard for stenography, or the Uni for short. By Peter C Park. This is the pro micro version. I used KiCad Nightly Release so the kicad files are not compatible with older version.

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If you are going DIY with this, here are the materials you need:

  • The Uni PCB x 1 (diodes will come pre-assembled)
  • Arduino Pro Micro x 1
  • Switches x 28
  • Keycaps x 28
  • Willingness to solder x 1

If you want me to assemble here are the materials you need:

  • money


The arduino you should use is the Pro Micro. You can also use other microcontrollers with same footprints such as the Elite C.


Nearly any switch is compatible with the v2. The board has a footprint that accomodates for mx, alps, and choc v1 style switches.


The best keycaps to use are the OEM R3 keycaps with one of the rows inverted to reduce the gap in the middle.
I used to recommend 3d printing your caps but OEM R3 caps are better. There are other flat keycaps for mx style switches at called f10 keycaps. There is also a slightly less flatter version called the G20 keycaps on their store and people have used them for steno.
alt text


All you have to solder are the switches and pro micro if you get the pcb with the diodes assembled. If not you’ll have to solder the smd diodes yourself. Check the BOM file for the necessary materials.

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