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This is the V2 version, please read the documentation for more information and how to install it.

What is VSCode-Anywhere ?

VSCode-Anywhere is based on VSCode, a cross-platform software for development with:

  • IntelliSense to automatically complete your code

  • Debugging to debug your code with break points, call stacks, and an interactive console

  • Git to manage your code with a VCS

  • Extensions to add new languages, themes, debuggers, and to connect to additional services

VSCode-Anywhere is a portable software. This means that you can use this tool anywhere (on an USB key for example) without privileges (you don’t need Administrator account on Windows or root on Linux).

VSCode-Anywhere is preconfigured with features, you can enable, modify or add your own features in the configuration file.

With traditionnal VSCode, for example if you want to develop with the Python language, you must have Python installed with some Python modules like flake8 and configure the settings. With VSCode-Anywhere you need to enable the Python section in the configuration file and start the installation process.

Also, VSCode-Anywhere installs for you the documentation of your language. Still with the Python example, the Python2 and Python3 documentation will be downloaded and you will have access to this documentation directly through your code.

Many modules are available in this tool like git, platformio, python, perl, ruby, C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript…


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